What I Read (Blogs)

I get my daily news via Inoreader an RSS feed reader. Rather than rely on mysterious algorithms from known lefty organizations Facebook, Twitter, or Google, I choose to control what I read.  By subscribing to the RSS feeds from websites that interest me, I get notification of all articles, and can read the ones I choose to read.

This is the current list of sites that I’ve categorized as “politics”

OPML: http://www.inoreader.com/reader/subscriptions/export/user/1005899715/label/Politics

RSS: http://www.inoreader.com/stream/user/1005899715/tag/Politics

Inoreader Bundle: http://www.inoreader.com/bundle/0014cd637b53

OPML for Bundle: http://www.inoreader.com/reader/api/0/bundle/opml/0014cd637b53