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Why Bother Understanding the Left?

Understand the Left, so that you can DEFEAT the Left. The committed leftist does not care about the economic effects of their policy. Don’t waste their time trying to get them to care. Your friends CARE that jobs are leaving CA and heading to TX. Your friends CARE that they will never be able to open that bakery they dream about. You can persuade your friend that the conservative view is better for them.

Texas Primary – Early Voting Starts Today! Here’s a Bit of Assistance

The Texas Primary – it happens early, election day is March 4, early voting starts today. Get out there and vote! In SO many of the races, the district is so heavily one party or another that the Primary IS the election. If you wait until November to let your voice be heard, and think …

Hey Texans! Go Vote!!!

Early voting ends Friday, election day is Tuesday Turnout will be low – your vote will REALLY count. The tax money you save may be your own!!!! Unions, incumbents, and those who stand to benefit from cronyism and corporatism will go vote – they have an incentive. Do YOU have as much incentive to go save money? …