Too Tired to Support Rubio

I keep telling myself I should write a blog post to explain my endorsement of Ted Cruz. I keep thinking I should link a few of the excellent articles about him, and then explain my thinking on the many different items that I’ve weighed in my consideration, all of them bringing me to the conclusion that I really really want Ted Cruz to be the next President.

But you know what it is, mostly? I’m just too damned TIRED to want to have Marco Rubio as President.

I’ve been fighting against the President and the Senate and the House for more than 10 years now. My politcal involvement for more than a decade has been about stopping government from doing bad shit.

I’m just exhausted from that.

I don’t WANT to have to fight Marco on immigration. I don’t WANT to have to fight Marco on NSA wiretapping, civil rights for college students,, sugar subsidies, crony tax credits, or the millions of other things he and his cohorts will come up with to “help us”.

Why can’t we get a guy that we can fight WITH rather than AGAINST?

Imagine fighting WITH Ted Cruz to wind down mandates  and subsidies, to ensure protections for innocent Americans and expanded capabilities to pursue bad guys – with proper court authorization.

Imagine having the “unknown crazy stuff” that comes up filtered through the Constitution before a solution is proposed or approved.

I don’t have the time right now to link articles and properly source my allegations. I don’t have the time to find a pretty picture for this post on my crappy blog.

I don’t have the TIME or INCLINATION to fight to get some guy elected and then have to fight against him once he’s there. You know we’ll have to do that with Rubio. How much crap has he already done that we fought against, or cheered when it didn’t happen, or should have fought against?

Can’t we just have a chance to fight to get someone elected, and then…be HAPPY once we succeed?

I’m too tired to support Marco Rubio. But for Ted Cruz, I’m ready to fight!

Birtherism–The Left’s Effective Tool Against the Right–Ted Cruz Version

CRUZ_0819NAT_32638724[1]Wait, what? Birtherism as a tool that the left is wielding against the right? Hold on a minute. The left has dismissed the birthers as cranks and fools, now they ARE birthers? What’s going on.

It’s just another way that the left is kicking our butts tactically. WE LET THEM WIN, ALL THE TIME. Because we are foolish. Figure it out, and just stop it.

John Hayward explains and in his last paragraph nails the strategy, and makes you understand why it is another in a long list of small victories of the left over the right. They bat us around like the cat playing with the mouse. It’s sport for them.

To recap: Ted Cruz was born in Canada, to an American mother. He was a US Citizen at birth, no naturalization process required – US law says so. He was also a Canadian citizen at birth. The two countries have similar laws, and Ted Cruz ended up a dual citizen, at birth.

  1. You’re a citizen no matter where you are born if one of your parents is a citizen and lived in the country for 5 years.
  2. You’re a citizen based on where you were born.

We know this – if a pregnant American is traveling, and has her baby while in Mozambique, that kid is American. (So yes, even if Obama’s mom had the baby in Kenya, he’s a citizen). That’s part 1. Pregnant Mexican citizens cross the border so that the baby is born in America and thus and American. That’s part 2.

1375981183000-AP-Resisting-Advice[1]So yes, Ted Cruz has been an American since birth. It’s a non-troversy.

The left has started “just asking questions” and poking around and doing their deceptive “investigations” which are simply attempts to wound good Conservative politicians, issues, or groups.

This is not something that the left cares about. They know it’s an irrelevancy. They know it disappears tomorrow.

But they trot is out, hoping that the right will form a circular firing squad and that they can just sit back and watch us fight amongst ourselves as they enact some other bit of progressive economic or cultural destruction.

110x75-f6604a680edc4dbed86008042b640c66[1]It’s working. They have actually succeeded in getting the Paul campaign sniping at the Cruz campaign. You know what that hurts? The defund Obamacare movement. Because the staffers will be angry at each other rather than working together.

The Washington Examiner reports it, Drudge highlights it, and we spend time talking about it, fighting over it, and now we have to divide into Paul camps versus Cruz camps? Really? Victory to the left. Well done. That was easy.

We have GOT to stop being so freaking stupid. Seriously.