Why Bother Understanding the Left?

Understand the Left, so that you can DEFEAT the Left. The committed leftist does not care about the economic effects of their policy. Don’t waste their time trying to get them to care. Your friends CARE that jobs are leaving CA and heading to TX. Your friends CARE that they will never be able to open that bakery they dream about. You can persuade your friend that the conservative view is better for them.

Dennis Prager points out in this great article the devastating economic facts about CA, and then points out that the left doesn’t care.

Most conservatives, and just about all independents, have a huge misperception of the left. They think that the gulf between conservatism and leftism is primarily about means, not goals.
This perception is wrong. It is their goals that are irreconcilable. And until conservatives, independents and the Republican Party understand this, it will not be possible to defeat the left.

Many of you know this. Many of you may get angry about it. That’s fine, but are you using this information to your own benefit, to save you time, to improve your chance at success with online activism?

Or are you just expressing anger to your friends, gaining solidarity, and having fun? That’s perfectly fine, and a totally appropriate use of social media, just make sure that what you are doing is aligned with your goals.

Understand the Left, so that you can DEFEAT the Left

If you are on social media with some thought to helping the cause of conservatism, you need to make sure that your efforts are focused, efficient, and targeted effectively.

Stop wasting your time arguing with leftists and trying to convince them of anything. Leave that toe professional debaters, the people who get paid to argue on TV, the entertainers. They aren’t accomplishing much for the movement, but they are making themselves rich and famous. Hooray for them, and horray for you if you want to become one of them, just don’t be delusional about it. That is not where the battle can be won.

DO spend your time educating genuine independents, informing the non-political, shaping your message for those who are receptive to it.

Leftists really don’t care about economic results. They care about inequaltiy and carbon emissions.

You don’t have to memorize a pile of statistics, you don’t have to hold forth on a deeply detailed legislative analysis. If you find yourself arguing with someone about whether CA is a better business environment than TX – walk away. You are arguing with a committed leftist, no one else is paying attention, and you are wasting your time.

If, however, you have the chance to mention some company that your friend cares about having just decided to leave CA and move someplace else – talk about that. How sad it is for the people in CA who are losing their jobs, how sad it is for all of the supporting companies that will lose customers. How it’s great that there are other states competing to get THEIR business, just like that company competes to get yours.

These discussions are easy to have, and they express genuine  understanding, compassion, and caring for the very real people involved. THIS is the way to talk about the economic benefit of small government versus big government.

Your friends CARE that jobs are leaving CA and heading to TX. Your friends CARE that they will never be able to open that bakery they dream about. You can persuade your friend that the conservative view is better for them.

Learn about the other side. Recognize them, respect them enough to not try to change them.

The committed leftist does not care about the economic effects of their policy. Don’t waste their time trying to get them to care. Your detailed and intellectual argument persuades no one.

Find a better way. Don’t try to convert the left, they’ve already taken up arms against you. Work on recruiting the folks who are not on the battlefield yet.

Talking About Benghazi – A Guide

It is time for the Benghazi scandal to break through the barriers set by Old Media and the Left. YOUR efforts can and will make a difference on how effective that breakthrough can be. Here’s a primer on who to target and how to get the message out.

You can just be an observer and a chronicler, just watch and report on the story, comment about it, celebrate when things go well, complain when they don’t.  You can watch for New Media to force this story to the top where it should be.

OR…you can seize the mantle of Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart and be part of the effort that makes it happen. Get this story into the minds of people who don’t pay attention to politics. Be part of the solution.

Realize that there are different groups of people out there, and save yourself some time, make your efforts more successful. Before you engage in conversation with someone, figure out what group they are in, so that your efforts are properly focused and targeted.

The Faithful: lefty zealots, truly believe that this is old news and that you are blowing things out of proportion. They are informed about the events, just have a completely different take than you do. You won’t change their minds, ever, but it can be worthwhile to read what they write – knowing your opponent is key to defeating them.

The Shock Troops: these are the random commenters, leftists yes, but neither well informed nor politically purpose driven. They’re basically trolls. They’ll dump some half-baked slogan on your threads. Their goal is self-amusement and your distraction. Deny them that second one. The only reason to respond to anything they say would be to correct an error or provide a quick link to additional information. But that is just for the benefit of OTHER people reading the thread. Engaging in conversation with these types is a complete waste of time. Gentle mocking or dismissiveness is usually fun. “Thank you for your perspective, have a blessed day”. And then…nothing.

The Supportives: these are your friends, with varying levels of knowledge of the issue. You can learn from them, share information and tactics with them. Reshare each other’s content – your circles are different from theirs, the story will reach different people. These are the folks you partner with to increase the reach of this story.

The Non-political: THESE folks are your target. They are your family, your wife, her friends, the other parents at your kids’ school, most of your co-workers.  The people who follow you for your beer review posts or your flower pictures. The VAST majority of people you know. THESE are the folks you need to reach.

Why is it going to be possible to reach them? They’ve ignored this story for 2 years and don’t care about politics.

At this point, it’s beyond politics – it’s human decency, national security, and a cover-up of terrorism for personal political gain. You can get people’s attention with that.

The left seems to have settled on RIDICULE as their tactic of choice here. From the top down, we’re being ridiculed for caring about this.

Non-political folks may instinctively want to join in on the fun, we all like to make fun of crazy people, and making fun of those nutjobs who are obsessed with Benghazi is easy and fun…DUDE!!!!

But those who are just joining in the fun and haven’t thought much about it can be brought up short quite easily…

“I know it’s funny to joke about, but it WAS a successful terrorist attack on American soil. 4 people died, including our Ambassador, 10 were injured, it was a CIA group and they didn’t know this attack was being planned. That’s the kind of thing the White House SHOULD find very important, and they’re joking about it. Oh, and did you know we STILL don’t know where Obama was during the whole thing? He wasn’t in the situation room, and no one seems interested to find out where he was.”

  • Your first step was to agree with their ability to see humor. You are AGREEING WITH THEM not opposing them, this puts you on the same side.
  • Then you clarify / add to their store of knowledge about the event. You’re informing, sharing, helping.
  • You empathize– express the same emotions they must be feeling – shock and surprise. It’s never really described as a successful terrorist attack on American soil, on the CIA.

Most folks don’t know enough about it to have looked at it that way. Rational Americans who are not interested in politics MAY be interested in a deadly terrorist attack on American soil, that the CIA didn’t predict, that NO ONE was allowed to go help, that was blamed on some video so you’d still love the Obama Administration.

It’s never been described this way, but you have the opportunity to do so.

This is FAR easier to explain that the Valerie Plame thing. FAR more directly important than the Monica Lewinsky perjury scandal.

Most people will be kind of irritated when they see the dismissive juvenile attitude of the top level folks on the left about this story. They just aren’t hearing about it.

So…the left has chosen mockery and derision of US for considering this story important. Fine. Great actually.

The highly inappropriate and insanely offensive nature of their current response is the PERFECT way to get your uninterested friends interested in this story.

Now is the moment…carpe diem.

TACTICS: Syria and Obamacare

Today, Saturday Aug 31 President Obama decided that he would follow the Constitution and seek approval from Congress before engaging in miltary action against Syria. Lots of folks are going to be writing about this from all sorts of perspectives. I’m here to talk about the political tactics happening here, and how we can make sure that Conservatives don’t lose the game that Progressives decided to play.

Obama did not call Congress back into session. This isn’t an emergency that he wants an immediate answer for.  Hmmm. That’s interesting. He’s content to have the topic be discussed at length, for a week or more. Why would that be? Why is he acting all humble and Constitution minded now?

There is ALWAYS a political reason with these guys. ALWAYS. Look beyond the surface. What else is going on, what political purpose is he serving?

Distract the people, and divide the opposition. 

Distract us from the push to defund Obamacare. He just has to run out the clock a few more weeks.

Divide us into pro-attack and anti-attack camps. Keep us argining amongst ourselves.

It’s brilliant. And it will probably work. Enough conservatives will decide to focus on Syria and pontificating on the war and terrorism and all of this, that discussion of defunding Obamacare will disappear.

We’ll be arguing amongst ourselves. The vote will be SOLID Democrats in favor of whatever Obama wants, his agenda will continue to progress without interruption, there is NO opposition to whatever he does.

Our side will be split, we’ll fight amongst ourselves, and we’ll lose EVERY battle. Not just Syria – we’ll lose Obamacare, Immigration, Syria, Debt Ceiling, everything

What to Do?defund_obamacare[1]

You can’t change how Congress works, so just quit worrying about that.  YOUR time is precious. I value your time enough that I’m making this short and to the point about what you can do.

Quit thinking about, worrying about, talking about, fighting about the things you cannot change.

Spend your precious time on the things you CAN change – YOUR Congressperson needs to hear from you about TWO things, only two things – NO to Syria, and DEFUND Obamacare. Tell him everyday, those two things. Once you get a yes from him, move on to the next thing…

Motivate your conservative friends to do the same. Teach your apolitcal friends what they can do. Inform them, help them, and move on.

What about the liberals? What about the people that argue with you on FB, Twitter and G+? What about them? IGNORE THEM. You won’t change their mind, see them as what they are – time vampires. Their comments don’t need to be answered. Whatever they say to or about you doesn’t matter. Stay on target.

NO to Syria bombing. NO to funding Obamacare.

And if you only have time for one? Focus on defunding Obamacare. That’s the one that has serious long term consequences for the nation.

Don’t let Obama’s tactic of “kindly allowing Congress to debate the Syria issue” be the distraction that they want it to be.

Birtherism–The Left’s Effective Tool Against the Right–Ted Cruz Version

CRUZ_0819NAT_32638724[1]Wait, what? Birtherism as a tool that the left is wielding against the right? Hold on a minute. The left has dismissed the birthers as cranks and fools, now they ARE birthers? What’s going on.

It’s just another way that the left is kicking our butts tactically. WE LET THEM WIN, ALL THE TIME. Because we are foolish. Figure it out, and just stop it.

John Hayward explains and in his last paragraph nails the strategy, and makes you understand why it is another in a long list of small victories of the left over the right. They bat us around like the cat playing with the mouse. It’s sport for them.

To recap: Ted Cruz was born in Canada, to an American mother. He was a US Citizen at birth, no naturalization process required – US law says so. He was also a Canadian citizen at birth. The two countries have similar laws, and Ted Cruz ended up a dual citizen, at birth.

  1. You’re a citizen no matter where you are born if one of your parents is a citizen and lived in the country for 5 years.
  2. You’re a citizen based on where you were born.

We know this – if a pregnant American is traveling, and has her baby while in Mozambique, that kid is American. (So yes, even if Obama’s mom had the baby in Kenya, he’s a citizen). That’s part 1. Pregnant Mexican citizens cross the border so that the baby is born in America and thus and American. That’s part 2.

1375981183000-AP-Resisting-Advice[1]So yes, Ted Cruz has been an American since birth. It’s a non-troversy.

The left has started “just asking questions” and poking around and doing their deceptive “investigations” which are simply attempts to wound good Conservative politicians, issues, or groups.

This is not something that the left cares about. They know it’s an irrelevancy. They know it disappears tomorrow.

But they trot is out, hoping that the right will form a circular firing squad and that they can just sit back and watch us fight amongst ourselves as they enact some other bit of progressive economic or cultural destruction.

110x75-f6604a680edc4dbed86008042b640c66[1]It’s working. They have actually succeeded in getting the Paul campaign sniping at the Cruz campaign. You know what that hurts? The defund Obamacare movement. Because the staffers will be angry at each other rather than working together.

The Washington Examiner reports it, Drudge highlights it, and we spend time talking about it, fighting over it, and now we have to divide into Paul camps versus Cruz camps? Really? Victory to the left. Well done. That was easy.

We have GOT to stop being so freaking stupid. Seriously.

Learning to Fight Smart

It’s no secret that the Democrat Party knows how to win, and has absolutely won the culture, conventional wisdom, public opinion, etc.  If we want to win long-term we have to figure out what we are doing wrong, and stop doing that. We have to figure out what they are doing right, and copy it.

We can copy many of their tactics, and use them to achieve our strategic objectives.

Today I saw an example of a group doing two things right, one thing completely wrong, and thus losing completely and providing ammo to the enemy. It’s a little story, a little event – but in the end, everything starts that way, so let’s look at this one and maybe learn from it.


Some City Councilwoman in San Antonio was caught saying some homophobic stuff. Public denunciation by liberal city officials ensued, demands for her resignation, etc. The typical thing. Elected officials say harmful things all the time. It makes no sense to spend any time trying to find that perfect candidate who will never say something the other side will use against them. It makes no sense to spend any time trying to make the left not seize on every stupid thing and try to win points. We can’t change other people. We can change how we react to those other people, how we choose to neutralize a bad situation, or even turn it into a positive.

What DID happen is that the River City Tea Party issued the following statement:

“The River City Tea Party hereby expresses its support for our fellow Conservative, District 9 City Councilwoman Elisa Chan and her anti-homosexual stance.”

RCTPP president, Brandon Burkhardt, also told KENS 5, “She has her opinion and she’s entitled to her opinion and we think she should stand by it and we stand behind her.”


GOOD – A little group like the Tea Party issued a statement to the news media. That’s excellent tactics. You raise your own profile in the community, position yourself as a thought leader and source for the news folks to go to. Make it easy for them to contact you, get copy for their story. That’s good publicity for your organization. Put yourself out there, well done!

GOOD – Stand by the conservative politician who did something stupid. Resist the urge to toss her under the bus. This is VERY important, and it’s the kind of thing we need to go much more of. FAR too often our bloggers, pundits, and consultants will take to the microphone to eagerly denounce the silly thing that the left is getting outraged about. No one wanted to be thought of as crazy or stupid, so they just tossed Todd Akin right under that bus.  Their own ego was more important than the race, than having another GOP Senator. They chose the easy way rather than the “best for the country” way. So, good job standing beside her.

BAD – Explicitly stating that you support the anti-homosexual stance. And now…you’ve killed yourselves, and caused some damage to the conservative movement, and to the Tea Party name in general.

With that one bad, they wiped out the good. How can any outreach to the gay community be successful now? Any other conservative group that chooses to work with you will now have to fight the impression that they are anti-gay. They have limited the potential coalition, dramatically. They have reinforced the accusations that Tea Partiers hate gays.

Would have been quite easy to come out with some relatively neutral statement of support “We support Ms Chan and everything she has done for the City of San Antonio. Her comments were part of a private strategy session, we believe they were ill-advised. We hope that she continues to make political decisions based on the needs of her constituents and what is best for the City rather than personal issues she may have” or whatever.

You stand by her, you find a way to highlight the good things she’s done, and brush it off as off-the-record, and move forward with your own agenda. Always move forward with your own agenda.

We’ve got to get better at this, folks.

Divided We Fall – don’t let it happen – recognize and defeat their tactics


The effort to defund Obamacare is a winnable strategy, and the other side knows it. We have facts on our side. We have polls on our side. ALL we have to do is stick together and win the messaging war. Sure, that is the worst bit of it, because the GOP has really never done that in the history of ever, but hey, it could happen.

That’s what I’m thinking when I see THIS story, and watch the first 45 seconds of the video. I see it as the first successful step in the left’s tactical broadside. How so? This is a Republican Strategist. How is this a lefty tactic to defeat the Defund Obamacare campaign?

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Did you notice that immigration has become a big topic again? Did you notice that the left is sending their shock troops to Congressional Townhall meetings during the recess? Do you think that’s just kind of odd?

Yeah, this was supposed to be Obamacare Townhall Summer part 2. It was supposed to be all about us pressuring our Congressmen to support the Defund Obamacare movement. It was possibly victorious. We on the right had figured out that the cronyism and corporatism and Big Government Big Corporation exemptions were making the anti-Obamacare coalition pretty damned big. FAR bigger than just the Tea Party folks. We figured out that Union workers agreed with us, blue collar and white collar employees all over the nation were getting notes from their employers that the rates were going up or the coverage was going away.

Or that the BIG company was exempt, but the smaller company they work for wasn’t, or that they personally weren’t exempt. This seemed bad. We were going to be able to get them on our side.

We were going to be able to get a lot of the GOP folks on our side too, the opposition to the plan amounts to “well, it won’t work so let’s not even try” – and we can counter that at a Townhall by challenging our Rep to stand up and fight for us. I was pretty optimistic.

But the left saw it too. They activated THEIR side. They activated their standard, consistently winning strategy. Do I know for sure that it was discussed on Journolist? No. They all pretty much think alike, they don’t actually HAVE to write it down.

IMMIGRATION! That tears the GOP apart! It’s an easy topic to cover because it’s all about feelings and we can get people all kinds of worked up. It’s easy to find Republicans willing to come on camera and bash other Republicans. The Tea Party folks will get their knickers in a twist and fight each other over this. It totally kills any kind of expanded coalition that the GOP could have built.

So…instead of the GOP, and the Libertarians, and the Union workers, and the unemployed, and all of the middle class coming together to STOP Big Government Obamacare, we’re gonna just fight about immigration some more.

People…don’t fall for this. Focus. OBAMACARE. DON’T FUND IT.

Go to your Townhalls, write and call your congressman, pressure them to defund it. IGNORE IMMIGRATION FOR NOW. Don’t pick a fight with your anti-Obamacare allies on that issue, until the Obamacare issue is handled.

Pay attention to what the left is doing. When you see the subject change like it did – from Obamacare to Immigration – and when you see Republican Strategists go on the liberal shows and call other Republicans names, realize that this is the LEFT fighting a battle.  Don’t fight on their side.

What Now: To The States!

Washington DC is lost, in every way that matters. there’s little to gained now from paying it any attention. The path forward has to be at the state and local level – and not only are we poised for success, we are having success.

First we do need to acknowledge that Progressive efforts to make these United States into one democratic nation ruled from Washington have been quite successful. The change of our educational, cultural, and religious institutions has certainly worked. It took a long time to get here, it will take a long time to get back. Realize it, accept it, and then be free to figure out how to make things the best they can be each step of the way on the way back.

Texas Secession
NOT Secession, just a change in FOCUS!

This nation works best when it’s a Democratic Republic of 50 states joined together. Fifty shades of Red, White, and Blue. Copenhagen doesn’t know what’s best for Madrid any better than NYC knows what’s best for Houston. The election in November was an attempt to have folks in DC who understood that, and who would support the concept of releasing some power and control back to the states. That failed, so the job of taking power and control back will be a bit harder. That’s all. It’s not the end of the world.

So – reality accepted, task understood. The problem is that it’s so much easier to talk about national stuff, that’s what they talk about on the news, and since my social network of friends is all over the place, that’s the political stuff we have in common. All this “work locally” junk means that my social network is useless and I have to abandon my friends and go out in the real world. Definitely not, and probably not.

The great thing about social networks, is that we can share success and ideas, regardless of location. Success with the union stuff in Wisconsin helps the folks fighting that fight in Michigan. What someone learns from a school board meeting in Boca Raton can help the person at the Water District meeting in Topeka. Each one of us can act locally, but with the knowledge and experience of friends all over the nation. THAT can help us win. That’s where we have to win.

Jonah Goldberg has a nice post out this morning about the major victory in Michigan, he’s really talking the same thing – DC is lost, don’t waste your time. The state, county, and school districts are maybe closer to victory than you even know. He makes two good points:

  1. Progressives overreach, and the people don’t like that. Just because Progressivism is everywhere and it’s what the cool kids are doing, and they want to rule the world doesn’t mean they’ve won. It just means that people have been snowed. Progessivism seems great when it’s at medium, or even medium-high, it’s a nice warm feeling. Turn it up to high and people realize they are about to boil, and they jump out of the pot. BE THERE with a solution. The folks in MI were there with a solution, and they won.
  2. FACTS drive public policy, eventually. The people may vote, and the elected officials may make laws based on airy-fairy assumptions, hopes and wishes. But when reality happens, those same people will scramble to fix it. We see it nationally on the crap that they’re now trying to halt or turn around from Obamacare. It happens at state and local level as well. BE THERE with the recommendation, the repeal of the law, the countervailing policy, the local candidate who will do something different. There are state and local think tanks and other organizations ready to jump in.

Pick your pet issue, and go for it – locally. The great news is that the more local you get, the faster and easier you can have an impact.

I haven’t figured it out myself yet either, I haven’t picked a pet issue, I’m still trying to not be dejected and depressed. I’m still trying to decide how to leverage my wonderful G+ friends into action and success for the future. But…I’m beginning to see not just the GOAL, but a bit of the STRATEGY that I want to adopt.

I’d love some ideas, recommendations, and suggestions –

  • What’s the area that would have the best/fastest impact? Taxes? Spending? Regulations?
  • What’s the structure to target first? Neighborhood association? Water District? School District? City Council? State legislature?
  • What examples of success can we draw from?
  • Is it best to work around governmental entities entirely and focus on churches, charities, business groups, etc to increase the positive outcomes from them rather than to decrease the negative impact from the other guys?

The Basics: Goals, Strategies, Tactics

Ever get lost in a discussion?
Ever end up disagreeing with someone when you thought you were on the same side?
Ever get caught helping someone to achieve something you really didn’t want to help them with?

Sure you have, we all have.

Usually, it’s because we didn’t really start out understanding the basics of the situation we were in. We get into the details and lose the overview.

So let’s start with the basics.

You may be familiar with the goal/strategy/tactic model in business, or in the military. You use the same structure with everything you do, you just haven’t thought about it formally.

Bottom up:

Something you DO is a tactic. Why do you do it?
To accomplish some part of your strategy. Why did you formulate that strategy?
To achieve a goal.

Top down:

Something you WANT is a goal. How do you get it?
Formulate a strategy to achieve that goal. How do you accomplish the strategic objective?
By executing the tactics you defined as part of the strategy.

Same Tactic, Different Strategy, VERY Different Goals

Two people can agree on a tactic, even though they have different strategies, and different ultimate goals.

This is where co-opetition happens, This is where politics makes strange bedfellows.

Leftist and Anarchists work together to create Occupy Wall Street – raising awareness, getting media attention, making “the system” of capitalism out to be the enemy. They shared the same tactics.

Anarchists’ ultimate goal is NO government, the leftists’ goal is top down big central government. They’ll separate at some point, but they worked together quite well. Note that even though they had different GOALS, they actually shared the same STRATEGY in addition to common tactic. The strategy of defeating the right is one they share.

Same Goal, Different Strategy, Different Tactics

Two people can have the same goal, but be executing completely different tactics, and not need to know anything about what the other person is doing.

This is how two people on the same side can work at what may seem to be cross purposes, or, more common, neither know nor care particularly what the other group is doing.

Pro-lifers don’t need to know who Objectvists are. If they took the time to talk they’d realize they agree, but given time constraints, they don’t really need to even be aware of the existence of each other.

If both groups keep executing their tactical plans, they’ll accomplish their strategic objectives, which would be more closely related, and then they’ll reach the goal, which they share.

How is This Insight Helpful?

Awareness of this structure, and the questions that provide the movement and direction (how and why) really will help you understand where you are, where you’re going, who can help you, and who is hurting you.

It can keep you from wasting time on unimportant things.

It can keep you focused.