+Walmart  and Coke, Pepsi, and Nestle have all cooperated to provide safe drinking water to the kids in Flint Michigan.

My buddy +Pradheep Shanker shared that story in his post

+Joe Hansen said:
Walmart does a LOT of good for communities all across America.

I had to reply, going even further about the GREAT THINGS that Walmart does. This was my reply:

Yes they do – both as charitable work, as as a free market employer of a LOT of people and a provider of goods and services in a clean, safe, convenient environment.

A family of modest means can make ONE trip, at whatever time of day works for them, and get pretty much everything they need at a good price.

Thanks to Wal Mart, the poor and middle class all over the WORLD have access to things that they could only ever have dreamed of before.

I’m a HUGE fan of Walmart and the positive change that they have brought.
Thank you Walmart
I’m happy to “go public” with my appreciation for you!

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How Can Good Things Happen Without Government?

shutdown-closedMuch of the “concern” about government shutdown is that without the federal government, good things stop happening. At least, that’s what the Big Government fear mongers are trying to convince us.

“Shutdown Theater” is all about immediate cessation of the good stuff, making us feel the pain of a government shutdown, so that we will clamor for someone to help us, save us, protect us, care for us! And then…Big Gov’t steps in and saves the day. And then, the most important part…we meekly go back to our lives of drudgery continuing to give Gov’t big piles of our money so that they can live fancy lives “taking care of us”.

Guess what? It’s a lie!!!

Sams Club Fayetteville, ArkansasCostcoThe Feds shutdown the military commissaries so that poor veterans and soldiers lost the savings that many of them depend on. Sam’s Club and Costco immediately stepped in. They didn’t have to discuss or pass any laws or hire consultants, the free market was able to move quickly and make that decision. I suspect that one of the two came out with the message first, and the other, wanting to compete, followed suit. That’s the free market.

FisherHouse1The Feds stopped the immediate payout to families of fallen soldiers, which has allowed them to travel overseas to accompany their loved ones home. The story hit the news yesterday. Fisher House steps in with a solution today.

That’s two different solutions to “problems” that the Big Gov’t folks wanted you to feel the pain about. One solution is free market competition, the other is individual charity. Both solutions were implemented quickly, can be adjusted quickly to meet demand, and are implemented voluntarily by all parties – no confiscation of money involved.

This is how smaller government works.

And it TERRIIFIES the Big Gov’t folks for you to discover this, and understand it in this way.

Because it makes you think….hey,. maybe I don’t have to be a dependent child of the government, maybe I can be a free and independent adult.

Spread this story – make sure to explain it to people in these terms, so that they understand.


Fisher House Steps in: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/10/09/nonprofit-steps-up-to-help-families-of-fallen-soldiers-after-government-shutdown-blocks-death-benefits

Sam’s Club Free Passes to Military: http://www3.samsclub.com/newsroom/Press/1513

Costco Free Membership to Military: http://www.examiner.com/article/costco-welcomes-military-id-card-holders-u-s-a-a-gives-loans-to-service-members