TACTICS: Syria and Obamacare

Today, Saturday Aug 31 President Obama decided that he would follow the Constitution and seek approval from Congress before engaging in miltary action against Syria. Lots of folks are going to be writing about this from all sorts of perspectives. I’m here to talk about the political tactics happening here, and how we can make sure that Conservatives don’t lose the game that Progressives decided to play.

Obama did not call Congress back into session. This isn’t an emergency that he wants an immediate answer for.  Hmmm. That’s interesting. He’s content to have the topic be discussed at length, for a week or more. Why would that be? Why is he acting all humble and Constitution minded now?

There is ALWAYS a political reason with these guys. ALWAYS. Look beyond the surface. What else is going on, what political purpose is he serving?

Distract the people, and divide the opposition. 

Distract us from the push to defund Obamacare. He just has to run out the clock a few more weeks.

Divide us into pro-attack and anti-attack camps. Keep us argining amongst ourselves.

It’s brilliant. And it will probably work. Enough conservatives will decide to focus on Syria and pontificating on the war and terrorism and all of this, that discussion of defunding Obamacare will disappear.

We’ll be arguing amongst ourselves. The vote will be SOLID Democrats in favor of whatever Obama wants, his agenda will continue to progress without interruption, there is NO opposition to whatever he does.

Our side will be split, we’ll fight amongst ourselves, and we’ll lose EVERY battle. Not just Syria – we’ll lose Obamacare, Immigration, Syria, Debt Ceiling, everything

What to Do?defund_obamacare[1]

You can’t change how Congress works, so just quit worrying about that.  YOUR time is precious. I value your time enough that I’m making this short and to the point about what you can do.

Quit thinking about, worrying about, talking about, fighting about the things you cannot change.

Spend your precious time on the things you CAN change – YOUR Congressperson needs to hear from you about TWO things, only two things – NO to Syria, and DEFUND Obamacare. Tell him everyday, those two things. Once you get a yes from him, move on to the next thing…

Motivate your conservative friends to do the same. Teach your apolitcal friends what they can do. Inform them, help them, and move on.

What about the liberals? What about the people that argue with you on FB, Twitter and G+? What about them? IGNORE THEM. You won’t change their mind, see them as what they are – time vampires. Their comments don’t need to be answered. Whatever they say to or about you doesn’t matter. Stay on target.

NO to Syria bombing. NO to funding Obamacare.

And if you only have time for one? Focus on defunding Obamacare. That’s the one that has serious long term consequences for the nation.

Don’t let Obama’s tactic of “kindly allowing Congress to debate the Syria issue” be the distraction that they want it to be.

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