Monday Evening Podcast: Focus First! Then Restore, Renew, Rebuild.

CUTalks-Avatar-1400x1400Tonight, 8pm Central, listen live at Blog Talk Radio or subscribe to the podcast and download it after the show. Subscription option is in the sidebar on the right. You can also come back here to the blog in the morning and get the show wrap up, links to stories we discuss, and of course the show itself streaming over the internet – like a miracle!

The topic this evening is: FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. Sort of like the real estate agent’s mantra of Location, Location, Location. Up until November of 2014 we really should focus on two things, and two things only: Overcoming Obamacare, and Restoring, Renewing, and Rebuilding  the GOP. After a brief discussion of the need for focus and the distractions to expect, I want to begin the discussion of Restoring the GOP. My co-blogger Krewe Maynard has coined the phrasing

Restore. Renew. Rebuild.
Restore our freedoms.
Renew our spirit.
Rebuild our country.

I love it, and I think before we can apply it to the nation, we need to apply it in our party. We can, we must. I have some ideas (well, I’ll share the ideas I got from other people, that’s close enough, right?)

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