Make Change Happen: TWO DAYS TO GO!

The end is near. And there’s a very real possibility that we are about to knock Harry Reid off the top of that mountain. Lots of articles are predicting a Republican wave. Don’t get cocky. Be aggressive, be determined, it’s not over until late Tuesday night. VOTE, get your friends to VOTE. Post on social media for these guys, make phone calls, walk the neighborhoods, do whatever you can.

On election night, go to The Conservative Union for links to the results, and conversation about what’s going on.

Where do we really need to focus for the last two days? How have things changed? Well, the great news is that KY is almost certainly staying McConnell, and CO, LA, and IA have moved to the likely pickup category, which would mean we need to focus on not losing GA or KS, and then on picking up NC and NH. But let’s get even more specific.


We must not lose this one. It’s neck and neck. If we lose this one, we have to  pickup TWO to make up for it.  The key will be getting KS Republicans scared and angry enough to go vote, and making sure they know that Orman is a Democrat. So it’s about voter education and turnout. The good news is that Orman is his own worst enemy  and has sort of insulted Bob Dole, so you can use that. Go to Pat Roberts website to get the press releases and ads to share.

Iowa and Colorado – MANDATORY wins, but looking pretty good

We have to have these two races, but it looks like we got them. So I would say you don’t need to push AS hard on these two, just a bit of a pitch for Joni Ernst and Cory Gardner and things will be good.

New Hampshire and North Carolina – WORK ON THESE

Scott Brown has been known to pull a surprise upset, and Jean Shaheen can be tied to Obama fairly easily. Raise awareness of this race. Conservatives in NH might be thinking there’s no point in trying, but if you can get some folks to the polls, it could make all the difference. North Carolina should be a red state, seriously. What the heck are they doing with Kay Hagan? Turnout is the key – get folks to the polls, talk up the race. Don’t just make the point that Kay Hagan is an Obama clone, convince folks to go to the polls and vote!

Georgia and Louisiana – ignore for now

I’d love for both to be outright victories on Tuesday, but they’re both likely to go to a runoff, so we can wait and focus on them later. For the last two days we have more important priorities

GET ACTIVE – Here is where you go

In the list of links to this series, you’ll also see the last link: LIVE OUTLINE, ALL MY NOTES. That’s what I’ve been collating and writing and pulling together to put as content in these posts.Leslie's Analysis Senate 2014

When I decide that a race has moved from one category to another, that’s where I will make the change. That’s a live look at what I’m doing, so it’s a more up-to-date reference than the static content of these posts.

  • There’s  a link to the campaign site for each candidate
  • There are links to current stories about that race, important news, etc.
  • You can collapse and expand any section of the outline to make it easier to read and deal with

What do you do when you decide you want to help a candidate?

  • Donate money – directly to the campaign rather than through a third party that takes a cut before it gets to the campaign
  • Make phone calls – some/many (sadly not all) will have a way for your to make phone calls to registered GOP voters in their state so as to drum up turnout. They’ll have a recommended script, they’ll have the numbers to call. You won’t be calling angry liberals. You’ll be calling your own people, reminding them to go vote.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Get active!

The Make Change Happen Series

Sites Tracking the Horserace

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