Don’t Go Out On The Front Lines Without Training

We’ve talked before about the utility of comparing the Progressive-Conservative struggle to a War. I use that comparison all the time, not because I’m a violent bloodthirsty killer, but because most folks have a basic understanding of the most basic of components and concepts, also, I don’t “do” sports, so…war it is.

There are a LOT of ways to participate in the war effort. The sexiest way, the one most people think of first, is to be part of the group of guys with the guns. The front line warriors. They get the medals, they get the parades. (When is the last time you saw a ceremony honoring outstanding achievement in logistics?) I’m not a front line warrior myself, but I have a deep appreciation for those who are.

I see a lot of my fellow conservatives wanting to be front line warriors. But they neglect the most important part – BOOT CAMP.First_US_Army_Rehabilitation_Centre-_Recuperation_and_Training_at_8th_Convalescent_Hospital,_Stoneleigh_Park,_Kenilworth,_Warwickshire,_UK,_1943_D16598[1]

They have the passion to win. They have the knowledge of conservative policy and philosophy. They have the fire in the belly, a computer, and accounts on G+, Twitter, and Facebook. They are OUT THERE.

And..without training, they are ineffective at best, most likely wasting their own time, and harming the overall movement at worst. Don’t do that. You don’t WANT to do that. Just realize you need Boot Camp, you need a Drill Sergeant, you need role models to watch and learn from.

Ladies and gentlemen, Kurt Schlichter is that guy. I alluded to it earlier today, in this post, when I showed you a couple of his tweets.

At the time I hadn’t even read his article in Townhall. (Yeah, I denounce myself). But wow, seriously…he is absolutely up front about it in today’s article. It’s not just me thinking of him as the instructor, he’s outright admitting it. So…he’s offering you the chance to learn from him. Take him up on it. Become a better soldier.

Here’s a snippet of the training he provides in just one article:

But if you do choose to argue with a liberal, understand that your purpose should never be to change the liberal’s mind. You’re not going to change the liberal’s mind. Instead, if you choose to argue with a liberal, you should do it for one of two reasons – to either win over people who have not yet made up their minds, or to support people who already have begun to understand the truth.

There are two basic tactics to choose from when responding to a liberal pseudo-argument, defense and counterattack. Without getting too detailed and infantry-nerdy on you, think of defense as simply preventing a loss. You’re holding your ground. The counterattack, however, lashes out to seize the initiative and defeat your enemy.

When you counterattack, you ignore the proposition offered by the liberal and refuse to respond on the liberal’s preferred terms. In fact, you don’t even need to address the same subject the liberal is talking about. Your goal is not to undercut the liberal’s assertion. You’re going to counterattack to undercut the liberal himself.

Subscribe to Townhall via RSS, or whatever way you ca make sure you get all of his work. It requires thought, effort, and practice. Usually the liberal is just emoting, it’s what they do. If you take the time to learn the art of counterattack, you will be able to accomplish your goal – because you’ll be the only one actually thinking in the exchange. And ALWAYS keep track of your goal and your audience. You’ll never be finished learning and practicing. You’ll never be good enough at it. If you think you are…stop using social media for a few days, read Kurt’s articles, read his tweets, read tweets from random folks who imagine themselves to be warriors, and figure out how you can be better.

It’s a war, I want you to win. I want us to win. You have to work at it. Find yourself some examples like Kurt.

Here’s an example of Kurt firing back, just today:

The tweet from the Progressive:

The response from Kurt:

That’s how it’s done folks, counterattack, you’ll find examples like that throughout Kurt’s twitter timeline. He’s also written a bunch of books I’m sure he’d like for you to buy and read. Kurt’s Books on Amazon

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