About Me and This Blog

My name is Leslie, I have red hair and not a lot of creativity in picking nicknames or handles or aliases or web addresses, so…RedLeslie.

I am the same Leslie P that you may know from Google Plus (RIP), Twitter or MeWe.

I tend to obsess on and tweet about politics, but I also think about conservatism in general, technology, privacy, genealogy, and crochet. There is zero chance I would ever have separate blogs about those thing, so this place is going to be the catchall.

This blog will be stuff I tweet but may want to elaborate on a bit more, stuff I think about and want to get out of my head and “on paper”. Really this is intended to be a place for my public musings, but one that I control. So, random mostly.

I’m TERRIBLE about finding images to go along with my blog posts. Sorry!

Please feel free to get in touch.