Nothing Left to Lose? That’s backwards

It’s a common phrase – “he had nothing left to lose, so he fought back, finally”. I think that’s got it backwards.

Will conservatives fight back when we’ve got nothing left to lose? I suggest no, it will be when we realize that what we have to lose exceeds the value of our own lives. That makes us so much stronger, the strongest force alive.

Recently I saw a tweet declaring that conservatives were fast approaching the point at which we had nothing left to lose and would then rise up. I replied:

The phrase “we’ve got nothing left to lose” has been used as a threat by many people, for many reasons. Recently I’ve seen it used as a warning to the forces of chaos working to tear apart this country. Warning that soon the patriots will fight back because we’ve lost so much that we have nothing left to lose and will thus fight aggressively.

I think that’s got it backwards, though not intentionally. It’s time to think about it a bit, and find ourselves in a much stronger place than even that phrase implies.

Someone with nothing to lose has everything to gain, by any action. That person/group is easily bought off, easily persuaded, easily co-opted by any group promising something better.

Folks with nothing left to lose aren’t the strong defenders of anything, they have nothing to defend. They may struggle with the appearance of a fight, but really it’s just desperate acts to try to regain anything of value, literally anything. They’re weak and desperate.

We patriots are seeing everything of true and lasting value being threatened. We will eventually realize that what we could lose is more important than our very lives. It exceeds our generation, it must be preserved, it is worth the ultimate sacrifice. What we could lose is more important than our very lives. The warriors of every generation have realized this, and have acted upon it. It’s scary to think about. Our founders didn’t sign their names to a document declaring independence from their nation because they had nothing to lose, they risked it all because they were in danger of losing everything important.

The person who has realized that, who stands before a foe prepared to sacrifice everything they have, their one life here on earth, to preserve an idea, a value – well, that person is the strongest person you will ever know.

That person can not be vanquished, can not be defeated, they can only ever be killed.

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