WHY is it so hard to reduce government spending?

Because those who get gov’t money are more motivated to KEEP getting their money than those of us who want to stop giving it to them.

Everyone attending the Cruz town hall was greeted by an employee of America’s Renewable Future, an ethanol lobby headed by Eric Branstad, the son of Republican governor Terry Branstad. The ARF aide handed out glossy fliers giving all Democrats and most Republicans a green light on their support for ethanol. Only Rand Paul and Ted Cruz got failing grades.

The fearmongering is quick to do and easy for children to understand “Ted Cruz wants to hurt you –  he wants to shut down Iowa Corn”

The truth takes time to hear, and adult minds to understand:

He pointed out towards the ethanol-lobby’s “You Cruz You Lose” truck in the parking lot and said, “As you all are aware, there are a bunch of lobbyists and a bunch of Democrats spending millions of dollars trying to convince the people that I am somehow opposed to ethanol. It is complete and utter nonsense. I very much support ethanol, I just oppose Washington.”

Cruz then explained his policy proposal — phase out the mandate, eliminate blending caps, and kill favors for oil and gas. Then he made his real argument:

“There is a reason that the lobbyists want the men and women of Iowa to focus on the RFS. Because it keeps Iowa dependent on Washington. It means that every year Iowa has to go back to Washington to maintain the mandate, and what that means is the lobbyists get paid every year. Every year they get paid. Every year the politicians get paid. As long as Iowa is dependent on Washington, that keeps the power in Washington.”

One attendee named David had come to the town hall with a list of eight questions he wanted asked. Ethanol was No. 3. He said Cruz’s explanation had convinced him.

That’s an excellent sign. Not just for the Cruz campaign, but for our nation’s economy. We CAN stop some of the subsidies, if we explain why, and get past the fearmongering and the clickbait.

Will we? Who knows.

Source: Cruz defends himself in Ethanol Country | Washington Examiner

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