As a Movement Conservative – which Muppet are you?

Felicia Cravens discusses a few of her favorite muppets over at Free Radical Network in her article The Muppet Movement. She loves Statler and Waldorf, they’re snarky and grumpy and funny. I agree.

You remember Statler and Waldorf, don’t you?  The two grumpy old guys who watched from the balcony, and heckled throughout the show, no matter how good it was?  I loved those guys.  There wasn’t one bit of the show that didn’t receive an insult from them.  Rather than be amused by the show, they amused themselves with their own ability to mock the performances.

However, Statler and Waldorf aren’t really helping to put on the show.

Are you part of the production or theater crew?
Are you part of the production or theater crew?

Every production has a whole lot of “parts” that people can play – actors, set decorations, writers, choreographers, supportive audience, electrician, theater manager –  it just goes on and on. Figure out which one of those parts you play, and play it.

Are you part of the audience supporting the success of the show and theater?
Are you part of the audience supporting the success of the show and theater?

So…which Muppet are you going to be? Which role are you going to play in bringing the Conservative show to the theater?

Are you part of the production in some way? Are you part of the theater management or construction? Are you a member of the audience – if so, are you supportive or are you a heckler? Are you part of the promotion for the show? Just as you can easily think of hundreds of ways to make a positive contribution to putting on a show, so too can you find hundreds of ways to be a positive contributor to the conservative movement. Surely there is one that can fit into your daily life. So give it some thought, choose your part.

Each of us gets to choose not only what part we play, but to whom we pay attention.

I want you to start thinking about the voices you hear, the articles you read, the people you see on television or hear on the radio.  Ask yourself whether they are really helping the cause, or whether they’re merely sitting in the balcony, hurling insults and tomatoes at the people on the stage.

I would say that too much focus on the Statler’s and Waldorf’s of the world not only doesn’t advance the cause, it can make YOU into an unhappy warrior. Yes, of course, all perspectives are needed, the criticism is absolutely necessary – but it is not sufficient, nor is it particularly helpful all by itself. So yes, criticize and heckle and have fun, that’s a fine first step. But remember…we all need you to take that second step as well.

Go, read Felicia’s article, she gets more detailed about it.

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