IT’S A SCANDAL!!!!! Or maybe just a diversion.

Scandal!There’s something for us to learn from the Chris Christie bridge scandal, but it may not be what you think. John Hayward has done an excellent job over at Breitbart outlining the whole thing. You’ll note in his article he doesn’t really talk about the facts of the case, they’re truly irrelevant. The important part is the speed and intensity of this thing.

The speed and intensity of the media response is what creates the sort of narrative that reaches Low Information Voters, and lingers in their minds for years afterward.

I didn’t pay attention to any news yesterday afternoon or most of this morning. The whole thing happened in that time frame. THAT fast – a story crept up, grabbed everyone’s attention, became massive headlines, and results in a press conference by the “candidate”. That right there tells me it is almost certainly media hype, and partisan media hype at that, rather than any important policy matter that I need to worry about.

I’m effectively a low information voter on this issue,  What I’ve been told to “know” is that Christie is finished. But for the real truth: you don’t need to pay any attention to this thing. If you don’t live in NJ, and don’t drive on whatever bridge they’re talking about, the facts of the story do not matter. Don’t waste your time on it. As Pradheep Shanker has written here scandals distract us from the conservative cause.

The outcome will be – media wants to take Chris Christie down a notch, media wants to make GOP look bad, politicians did stuff that could be interpreted many ways, maybe bad, maybe good, most likely egotistical and self serving – that’s what politicians are. Duh. None of this is news. None of this is worth diverting your attention.

Read Hayward’s article, he really covers it. And then…move on. What matters now, in 2014, is NOT the Presidential race. Not Hilary, not Christie, not anything Presidential. While you are having the easy conversations and posts about this or that national politician…the Democrats are targeting your state.

Obama is creating “Promise Zones” – do you know what those are? Have you considered participating in whatever that stuff is, or do you plan to let the Democrats staff and run those things like they always do?

Focus on your county, your school board, your water district, your state Attorney General.

This nationwide stuff is fun to talk about I suppose, but it can all wait until 2015. We’ve got a lot of hard work to do this year. Quit falling for the stories that the media wants to you care about.

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