Mocking the President


Presidents should be mocked. Americans have made fun of our Presidents from the very beginning – and it’s one of the most healthy things we do as a nation.

That was the premise behind #PokeFunAtPOTUS , the first of hopefully many #FridayFun event days at our Google+ Community, The Conservative Union.

obama-rodeo-clown-e1376274043827[1]The inspiration was our anger and dismay at the controversy over a Rodeo Clown donning an Obama mask and performing a skit. The professional victims, grievance mongers, and political opportunists seized on that as a chance to again declare any mockery of Obama as purely racist in nature. So much has been written about that – it’s not even interesting anymore, just simultaneously maddening and boring.

We wanted to prove a point – that Presidents get mocked because they are the President. Always have, always will be, and always should be. The position conveys so much power and authority, that it’s all too easy for everyone to forget that the President of the United States is, above all, a public servant. He serves us. He should be brought down a peg or two, frequently, to remind him, and us, and the rest of the world, that he is not a king, or the boss, or a parent.

So we chose to share examples of Presidential mockery. Any that we could come up with. It was GREAT fun!  Humor is certainly the best medicine for me, and I believe that’s the case for much of our membership. I’m happy to see that hashtag continue to be used, anytime some old joke about a President is found.

History – not something most of us know too much about. Remembering some of the jokes made about Presidents past, – wow, they were really kind of mean about Taft’s weight  – that kind of thing is good for us all.

During the day, we community moderators were, first and foremost, finding and sharing funny stuff we found. We also really enjoyed how much our members were participating as well. Then we noticed – HEY! – this hashtag is trending, wow! Yep, Presidential humor still DOES have a place in society.

I think that was the best part of the day – being reminded that as much as we can lose our way sometimes, we do get it. Community, society, is about coming together for a shared purpose, humor makes us want to stay together, and mockery of those in positions of authority in that community is a VERY healthy thing to do.

Keep on mocking the President!

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