PicPick: The Screenshot, image manipulation, most useful image toolkit I’ve ever used.

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I take a lot of screenshots, sometimes I need to annotate them, usually not. I am NOT good with graphic programs, in fact they usually make me cry.

It used to be pretty annoying to deal with screenshots – not the taking of one, the reusing of it, the tiny little manipulations I might want to make, the ability to share it with someone, the need to resize it just a bit. Then I found PicPick.

Seriously, I use it all the time and I don’t even THINK about it anymore. It’s there when I need it, and works invisibly on my most-used things, and is there in the tray with the fancy stuff when I need it.

I set it up to automatically save the screenshot to a dropbox folder. So I can then use that image from desktop, laptop, wherever. And a public link to it is just a right click away.

And it’s the only screenshot tool I’ve found that reliably takes a scrolling page screenshot. It really does capture the whole page, with no seams in it. Nice!

If I want to annotate it, PicPick’s image editor is EASY and lets me do whatever I need to do. I use it to create stuff that has nothing to do with screenshots, too.

I didn’t want a Chrome Extension – I need to take screenshots that aren’t web pages. So I needed an actual program – this is a fast one, and it does everything I need. And it does it well.

Other utilities? It has those too! A ruler, a color picker, a magnifies, a protractor, things you rarely need, but when you need them, you don’t want to have to install some other app for it. It’s just there with PicPick.

Downside? It’s a bit pricey. No wait…it’s free for personal use, and less than $25 for business.

Still using the Win7 clipping tool? Some other solution? Try PicPick. You’ll like it.

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